Test your entrepreneurial spirit: do an enternship

by Liza Jansen

When Rajeeb Dey was studying at Oxford University, he wanted to connect his fellow students with small businesses and startups. He noticed that many of his co-graduates played with the idea of starting their own business, but lacked the willpower and funding to actually launch an initiative. Therefore Mr Dey decided to launch a website to allow students to gain work experience at small start-up companies, how they go about being their own boss
and thus find out if entrepreneurship is for them: http://www.enternships.com.

The website was launched in 2009 and currently consists of a database of more than 3000 companies in more than 20 countries. Amongst the companies having used the website are Groupon, PayPal, Dragons Den and Lastminute.com. Firms currently using the service include fast growing companies like Huddle, Just Eat, Soundcloud and Skimlinks – not the typical recruit-from-campus firms.

The site also aims to narrow the gap between the demand for skilled tech talent and the number of graduates, as half of UK companies currently struggle to find graduates with adequate skills in science, technology, engineering and maths, a 2011 CBI survey has found.

Mr Dey was recently nominated the planet’s youngest global leader by the World Economic Forum.

Will these enternships allow London to become the world’s next Silicon Valley? Kimiko de Freytas went to Old Street, or London’s Silicon Roundabout, to find out if London has what it takes to become a global tech city.

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